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Hike from La Fortuna to Monteverde

Desde USD 155

Let us take you on a hiking adventure through the Mountains that lay between La Fortuna and the cloud Forest of Monteverde. After an exciting river crossing, we follow the Caño Negro river through a beautiful valley
Going gets tougher when we leave the river behind us and make our way into the mountains. Under the cover of the big trees we follow an old trail only used by locals. Hiking at this afternoon hour we have a good chance of seeing wildlife.
Leaving the forest after about tree hours, we reach an amazing viewpoint. Trees that are full ecosystems, lush farmland, the cloudy Mountains, the Arenal lake and volcano merge into a breathtaking panorama.
With the sun setting we go down a steep trail that take us into a completely secluded valley. Having seen our destination on the far flank of the mountain we take a last dash to our shelter for the night. This rustic wooden cabin and the wide jungle and volcano views it offers will leave you amazed.
At this remote paradise we are fully disconnected and experience, back to basic mountain style living. Getting settled we join to prepare a wood stove meal. At the candle lit large table we sit to enjoy the food, the company and the experience till the inevitable fatigue sends us to our bunks.
Early in the morning we have a good typical breakfast and a shower with fresh mountain water. Reenergized we hike our way out of the valley. Getting to the main trail we either hike our way towards Santa Elena/Monteverde or you can have a horse waiting for you and ride there.
On this last part of our experience you hike/ride over the Costa Rican countryside roads surrounded by spectacular cloud forest. After not seeing any other person for about 20 hours we slowly make our way back into civilization. Getting to Santa Elena we take you to the place where your luggage is waiting for you. Concluding our adventure, we thank you for the pleasure of sharing this beautiful experience with you.

Desde USD 155

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Departure: 11:00am  to 11:00 am next day, Duration 22.5hours
Includes: Luggage transport, la Fortuna pick up and transport to departure, guide, hiking snack, equipped bunk bed in cabin, diner, breakfast
What to Bring: Hiking shoes, small to medium size backpack, slippers, small towel. swimgear, rainjacket, repellent, 2ltr water/liquid (day time), other beverages (night time), two pairs of: shorts or pants, shirts (X1 longsleeved), underwear and socks.


  1. La Fortuna
  2. El Castillo
  3. Monteverde